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The key to success for EKH has been its continued ability to create value. For over a decade the company has been partnering with experienced industry leaders, and carefully analyzing all its investment decisions for optimal returns to shareholders.
EKH’s investment strategy focuses on the creation of subsidiary companies in high-growth sectors where the MENA region has a strong competitive advantage. The Egypt-based holding company has a particular interest in virgin markets with high growth potential and attractive opportunities that are typically viewed as high-risk. As developed markets continue to suffer the effects of the global financial crisis, the mineral and resource rich regions in which we invest are perfectly positioned to act as the manufacturing hubs of the future.

Minimizing Risk
The ability to safeguard our investments against depreciation and geopolitical risk, which are real day-to-day threats in the geographies in which we operate, has been the hallmark of our success in the past. We believe that the best opportunities are often found in adversity provided that investments address the positive macroeconomic fundamentals of the region such as energy deregulation, demand for infrastructure, population growth, exporting from a low cost base and high commodity prices.
Hands-on Investment 
We are hands-on, long-term investors, allowing us to capture the upside of longer holding periods.
Since its establishment, EKH has completed some of the most complex transactions in the region. The Company generally acquires majority stakes and takes management control in most of its investments.

Highly qualified investment officers source transactions and identify opportunities within EKH’s various lines of business sectors. Transactions are then submitted to a dedicated investment committee for approval. Adhering to this stringent mode of operation with each and every deal guarantees a high success rate with all transactions and ultimately creates more shareholder value.

A fundamental factor that has contributed to the Company’s success is the long-standing conviction that the closing of an acquisition is only the beginning of the process of creating value. EKH identifies, pursues and finalizes key acquisitions in a timely manner that takes into account both the long and short-term potential for business development in a given industry or business.

Taking Investments to the Next Level
With each new investment, EKH works closely with the management of its portfolio companies to develop and implement new business plans to ensure that companies maximize their efficiency and properly utilize the synergies that exist within the Group.

Strategic Partnerships
The ability to secure strategic partnerships with key international players in each of the industries in which EKH invests has been at the core of its successful investment strategy. By partnering with prestigious global companies such as Shell, Beach petroleum and CPC, EKH has been able to provide the companies within its diversified portfolio of investments with the necessary expertise to help them accelerate further into the next level.

This well-cultivated network of strategic partnerships enables EKH to offer large, multi-faceted enterprises with contacts, managerial talent and technical expertise that few others in the market can offer. As corporations increasingly turn to mergers and acquisitions, partnerships of this nature will continue to lead to a significant number of investment opportunities for EKH over the next few years.


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