Founded in 2007 as a greenfield investment, and with total investments exceeding EGP 2 billion, BMIC produces grey cement and clinker for sale in the Egyptian market, and in particular Upper Egypt. With state-of-the-art technology of European and German origin and products that meet Egyptian and international standards BMIC distinguishes itself from less sophisticated local competition, producing 1.8 million tons of cement per year at its mazut and natural gas powered factory and satisfying market needs by providing high-quality services and products.

As one of two key players in the region, BMIC benefits not only from minimal competition in Upper Egypt but also has licenses for some of the best, darkest quarries in Egypt, a crucial source of raw materials for cement production.

Going forward, BMIC is on track to complete its conversion to coal-fired generation by 2017, as well as expanding the factory to potentially add a second production line to boost capacity to better address the chronic deficit in Egypt’s cement market.

The Egyptian cement market is ready for further consolidation as there are a number of smaller local players competing with the two largest multinationals in the market, which combined have a c. 27% market share, while the market is by far the largest in Africa with a total consumption of c. 50 mtpa (double the consumption rates in South Africa, which is the second-largest cement market in Africa).