Founded in 1989 and acquired by EKH in 2007, Sprea Misr has developed into one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of petrochemicals and plastics in Egypt, thanks to the careful management and oversight of EKH, which holds a 100% stake in the company.
Sprea Misr's top-of-the-line production facility is located at the 10th of Ramadan City over an area of more than 40,000 sqm. Sprea's facilities have a combined producton capacity per annum of 270 thousand tons of formaldehyde and formaldehyde derivatives in addition to 3.7 million formica sheets. Flagship products include molding compounds, liquid and poweder glues, resins and formica sheets.Sprea Misr stands as a trusted supplier to clients in both the local and international markets. Sprea Misr enjoys a healthy market share across its product lines in Egypt thanks to unmatched pricing, quality and after-sales service.Sprea Misr's diverse array of products enables it to supply several industries including fertilizers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, automotive, construction, industrial manufacturing, ready-mix cement and water treatment. Egypt’s strategic geographic location facilitates Sprea Misr’s exports, which currently span more than 38 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. Exports account for more than 35% of total sales, with plans to expand its international footprint going forward.